This forum is for all posts regarding my next RPG which will be online based. Post questions, bugs, and get support help here.
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Post by HendoTheGreat » Sat Jan 20, 2007

So many people want to help you out Issa. (Also I pronounce your name
as, eye-sa)...
Anyway.... I'm going to start helping again with whatever I can and Eco.. I don't know about him, but this new guy... Um, I can't remember his name but... Is he going to be helping out? We don't want too many helping. XD

Also with this new game. The Map Editor and Graphics are from RPG Maker XP.
Then again, some parts are also added. e.g. The Health and Mana bars.
Other than that most of it is from RPG Maker XP.

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Post by Issa » Mon Jan 22, 2007

I'm not programming anymore though
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