thanks for a great game.

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thanks for a great game.

Post by Nailbomb » Mon Oct 30, 2006

Hi man,

I downloaded demon's mantra II the other day and just thought i'd stop by to tell you how F**king wicked I think the game is! I've been playing it for hours, it's absolutely addictive.

I've always preffered 2-d top-down rpgs, they always seem to be a lot more fun. I particularly like the story in this one. The cut-scenes are one of my favourite parts, they're very much akin to the early final fantasy days and I would gladly put Demon's Mantra II up there with them.

I haven't played d.m.I. Although I don't really feel as though I need to as all the back-story I need is provided in the sequel.

I read a few of your notes for your up-coming Demon's Mantra strategy game and was really happy to hear you want to use d&d style skills and classes ect.

The one thing I felt let this game down however was the lack of interaction in the cut-scenes. If you could get the characters to move around and shake hands, wave - that kind of thing, it would make long cut-scenes less tiresome- as someone else had said them to be.

Thanks again for a wonderful free game!

Take it sleazy man,


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Post by Issa » Wed Nov 01, 2006

I'm glad you enjoy my games. It was making them, every now and then I go back and play them for fun, especially DM2, thats my favorite of all time.
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Post by Eruan » Sun Dec 10, 2006

I would fully recommend downloading DMI. Sure, you have all the backstory you need, and DMII is better (makes sense... sequels should improve over the originals, eh?), but DMI is still pretty darn fun.

One piece of advice though if you do play it... plan your point distribution early on. The last thing you want to do is plan too late and realize you can't use the best shield, armor, or spell.

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Post by HendoTheGreat » Tue Dec 12, 2006

It's good to know people still visit this place from time to time. Im glad you like it. :D
I cant take credit since i did nothing on this particular game. But seeing as im a Member I just have to say thanks. :)
Hope you visit often. Although this is not the place for DM1. It's still good to hear people playing the Classics.
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