wait, wait, retirement???

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wait, wait, retirement???

Post by Renlang » Mon Jan 15, 2007

im just a 12 year old kid and all, but... you're quitting in the middle of these awesome games? well, i under stand about the money and all, but like, you can rely on us to help you in your free time >:P dont dropim now... maybe after these bunches. anso, is this a real company, or just an internet software club made up of the people. sorry, but i just found otu your games today while surfing the web, and my god your games rock. and can you do something about the HUMAN VERIFICATION thing? its kinda annoying, esspecially since when you press the back button if you forgot the veri, you need to retype the whole thing x.x

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Post by Issa » Mon Jan 15, 2007

No its just me making games, and I just dont have the time, I'm not a kid anymore. The human verification is to stop spam.
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Post by Nippz » Sat Feb 10, 2007

Woooow... Wait a minute.. Issa get the hell out, as your old tester, i do not give u permission to stop making CHicken fighter 2007... :P..
Nah Bro, i no your probally gettign bored and what not of makign games, and I bet you do you want to settle down and start a family. I completely agree on this choice, if i was in your situation I;d do the same thing. Just remember you may not have millions on fans, but you do have some, and those are fans that really do enjoy your work as a game maker.
Hell remember when i first met ya. You were like god to me, still are bro. Now you got this 12 year old boy who looks up to just like i did at that age. As you can see you may not think of it, but hell man, you impact people lives alot.
Just remember You got fans that are hear for you, and will accept your choice to Retire, but is that something you really wonna do?


Yeah I'm Back :D

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