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Post by HendoTheGreat! » Wed Nov 15, 2006

Issa! My man, Hows it been? Im glad your back, I know your not making games, But you're here!
All news about that is great! :)
I've been very busy, I was making a game... Not C++, But a game all the same. A really big RPG.
But now, Assignments, Exams and work. Not to mention i have a girlfriend now! :) Im happy for myself!
Enough about me... You learnt more? Well good! Not saying your games sucked, But they could have been better.
Although i have no doubts that you "Will" be back. When you do, I'll be here!

Cya, Hendo.

P.S My girlfriends name is Cassie :P
P.S.S Having fun?
P.S.S.S I am HendoTheGreat, Just once again, Firefox wont let me login.