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Post by Hugnam » Wed Jun 29, 2005

I've just thought of an idea of a new area, though i dunno how to make it. XD

Should i mail my area idea to you Issa, or is it okay to tell it here?


Post by Hugnam » Wed Jun 29, 2005

Another idea!

Day/Night Changes:

As it start going Night Time, many people walking around outside town are found alseep in buildings. (everyone can't sat awake forever). Also, there should be people wandering the stree----OOOOOH! IDEA!

Wandering Fights:

Some people that wander around the world will fight you, sometimes after winning they dissappear and appear randomly outside, but can't go inside town. Can't explain it any better.

Also, a question:

Why do i see a few RPG Maker 2000, or RPG Maker 2003 graphics in the game? Can you try making your own graphics?


Why is the movement so hard? It's hard controlling my characther cuz it takes too long to move. >.<


Post by Hugnam » Wed Jun 29, 2005

Sorry, left some stuff out.

I'm also good at Recoloring things. Like say you want to make a blue suit into a red suit. I just color it a bit, and it looks the same like it. It takes some time to recolor. I once made a Normal Suit Samus into a Dark Samus. It took over 1 hour, cuz i had to work on over 4 of em. So, i'm good at recoloring stuff.

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Post by Eco Master » Thu Jun 30, 2005

Hmm, maybe. It'd work best while playing the DM series, like certain monsters only appear at a certain time of day. I like this idea.

Wandering opponents
Hmm, play CF2K2. When you try to catch chickens, they walk around. This wasn't too sucsessful, considering they walk through solid walls. I'm not leaning towards this.

He's making these games free, nuff said.

My guy moves fine. Of course his first step is kinda slow, but like they always say, the first step is the hardest!

I myself have no prolem with the re-used sprites in the games. Of course that question is an Issa question.
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Post by Hugna » Thu Jun 30, 2005

Did i say if i could recolor his stuff? NO. -.-

I was just telling him i am able to recolor things. Like, i was able to make Goku's Super Saiyan hair from gold to his normal looking hair one time, and i made Super Sayian 5 hair and Super Sayian 6 hair from the show.

I'm able to recolor, if he needs it.

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Post by Issa » Thu Jun 30, 2005

Movement: I havent figured out how to fix this issue. The problem here lies within the code. When you press a button on the keyboard, the keyDOWN is triggered. Which means the key has to be down for about a second. There is also the keyPress command but it didnt allow for all the keys on the keyboard to be used. Like the arrows couldnt be used. I have tried to fix this issue for a couple hours, trying various things, but no luck at all.

Day/Night: Like I said before, not going to program new features into the game at this time. Its a lot of work for no real benefit, couple weeks of programming just so the time changes and people walk at night is not worth the effort. But in my next RPG that is a decent idea, like a time system. I do like this idea as well, to have certain people only available during certain times. Making my games a little more realistic has been something I am working on as you can see from the following examples: Animal monsters dont give you gold, you can walk inside buildings now, you can interact with objects and talk to people. Adding time I will definately will work on in my next game since it adds a very cool element to it.

Graphics: I used graphics from the public domain because I cant draw anything. So I kinda just took graphics from other places and used them in my game. I dont sell the game, and the graphics are part of the public domain so its perfectly fine.

Chicken Catching: I think right now the catching system is fine. Though its not as fun as it was in CF2K2, its still decent, and in a lot of ways a lot better. I was going to add "encounters", like when you find a chicken, you get into another screen and have to catch it as it runs around. But that just added more code to the game.

You guys have to remember, I'm using VB.NET, all the code I have to make from scratch. In DM2 I was able to copy about half the code from CF2K2 and make it better. This isnt the case at this time so the learning curve has been a big factor on what I can do right now. But when I work on my new RPG, I will have the entire code from CF2K5 to work from, to make better and improve, and to rewrite. At this time I can fit in new stuff like the day/night code and other things.
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