Issa.....your 2 forums of rules and help aren't working...

Share your thoughts, questions, comments, or anything else regarding my games in this general forum. What do you like about my games? What needs improvement? Whats would you like to see? Are there any questions? PLEASE KEEP POSTS RELATED TO MY GAMES AND NOTHING ELSE!

Issa.....your 2 forums of rules and help aren't working...

Postby Hugnam » Tue Jun 28, 2005

Says i have to login.... -.-

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Postby Eco Master » Wed Jun 29, 2005

Those aren't boards, they're just like signs.

He's not letting anyone register unless he feels like it.
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Postby Issa » Wed Jun 29, 2005

Those forums are locked, you're not suppose to be able to post in them.
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