The future

Share your thoughts, questions, comments, or anything else regarding my games in this general forum. What do you like about my games? What needs improvement? Whats would you like to see? Are there any questions? PLEASE KEEP POSTS RELATED TO MY GAMES AND NOTHING ELSE!
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The future

Postby Eco Master » Fri Jun 17, 2005

What are you gonna be doing after this batch of games are complete? I suggest a break, I think you've been working a lot lately.

But what games do you have in mind for later? Maybe a new series?
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Postby Issa » Fri Jun 17, 2005

Right now I am working on finishing CF2K5. On the side I am working on IssaMan.

After CF2K5 is done, I will work on my next game, it will be an RPG. At this time I will release any CF2K5 patches, and also work on IssaMan.

IssaMan the game will just be finished whenever, its just a side project for fun when I get bored of the other stuff.
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